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Cult Exploitation Movies

Exploitation Movies

The term Exploitation film normal refers to a low budget movie that exploits current trends or cultural anxieties. They often contain extreme references to drug use, nudity, rape, torture or violence, sometimes all of these. They normally also contain a high level of explicit material which often have trouble with the censors. Typical trends in exploitation films over the years have included Women in Prison movies [e.g. Caged Heat (1974)], Blaxploitation [e.g. Coffy (1973)], Hard Gore [e.g Blood Feast (1963) or Bad Taste (1987)], Vigilante Revenge thrillers [e.g. The Exterminator (1980) or Death Wish (1974)] and Biker films [e.g. Easy Rider (1969) or Naked Angels (1969)]. Spaghetti Westerns such as Django [1966] and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [1966] are also included as they contains much more violence than traditional westerns.

We have selected some of the most interesting or influential cult Exploitation movies for review on the site. A list of these are provided below. [Click here for our Blaxploitation films]


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